s it worth to mediate? If time is important to you, you want to reduce the costs of a dispute and maintain a relationship with a conflicting partner, mediation is the best solution

Mediation in court proceedings

The settlement executed before the mediator and approved by the court has the force of a judicial verdict. In such case it is also possible to recover a larger part of the court fee.

Our mediators

Attorney Dominika Kupisz is a certified mediator at the Mediation Center of the Polish Bar Council and the District Court in Warsaw.She is a member of the Arbitration and Mediation Section at the Warsaw Bar Chamber. He has a civil mediator’s certificate no. 1246 / MCG / Warsaw / 2016 issued by the Polish Mediation Center.

She runs mediations in Polish, English and German. Her specialization is civil, commercial and labour mediation.


Attorney Dominika Kupisz attended over 100 hours of courses and seminars in the field of mediation, the most important are

  • Polish Mediation Center: Basic mediation training
  • Polish Mediation Center: Civil and commercial mediation
  • Mediation Center of the Arbitration Court at the PFSA: seminar “Effective use of mediation in the practice of advocates and legal advisors”
  • Ministry of Economy: seminar “A day without conflict in business”
  • Dentons Oleszczuk Europe sp.k.: seminar “Mediation in economic disputes”
  • Association of Notaries of the Republic of Poland under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Justice: seminar “Constructing settlements concluded before a mediator in civil and commercial matters”

Any questions?

The court referred your case to mediation. You intend to file a lawsuit for payment, but you want to try to resolve the conflict outsidethe courtroom first. You are divorced and want to share your property fairly and establish contacts with children. Your employees are in conflict or you are facing a dispute with an ex-employee. If you want to find out what mediations look like, what are their rules, costs, what they can give you, or you are looking for a mediator, call or write to us as soon as possible

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