Medical Law


e represent clients in cases regarding medical malpractice. These matters may relate to medical errors regarding stay in a hospital, a dental procedure, a cosmetic procedure.

Civil proceedings

We support clients in proceedings before civil courts and the Provincial Commissions for the Adjudication of Medical Events. We help to obtain medical records, assess the chances of success, prepare a list of expenses. Step by step, we support the client in this difficult process. In the proceedings for damages, we also represent defendant doctors.

Criminal proceedings

We represent doctors also in criminal proceedings. It should be noted that proceedings regarding the so-called medical errors are not just matters for damages in civil courts. At the same time, criminal proceedings against the medical staff may take place. In this situation, the hospital is no longer liable, but particular individuals.


Attorney Dominika Kupisz completed post-graduate studies “Medical Law and Bioethics” at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. She is member of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Law Section at the District Bar Council in Warsaw. She also completed course “Liability of the persons performing medical professions” organized by the Association of Polish Lawyers.

Any questions?

If you have suffered damage as a result of a stay in a hospital, cosmetic procedure or dental treatment and you do not know what to do next or you are a doctor sued by the patient and you face civil or criminal proceedings – call or write to us as soon as possible.

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