White collar crime


ncreasingly, tax offices beyond tax control start tax penal proceedings against members of management boards, chief accountants, financial directors or other persons dealing with business affairs of companies. According to the law, it is sufficient for the actual, non-contractual conduct of the financial affairs of a given entity to bear criminal fiscal responsibility.

Defense in white collar crime proceedings

Criminal liability applies to a specific person, not the company. This means that tax office reaches for private property of managers in the event of a financial penalty. The court may also ban particular person from holding certain positions or even runing a business.

We help our clients to go through such a criminal procedure with the least possible personal cost. First of all, to avoid entry in the National Criminal Record and high fines. We represent them in criminal proceedings at every stage.

Criminal liability mitigation

We help our clients to structure the business in such a way as to reduce the risk of personal responsibility as much as possible. We prepare internal regulations in this respect, work breakdown structures, we evaluate managerial contracts, we conduct training for management staff.

Any questions?

If you are or have been a board member, a chief accountant, a commercial proxy and have received a decision on subsidiary liability for company’s tax liabilities or a subpoena in fiscal penal proceedings. You have not yet received such a decision yet, but you are worried about the scope of your liability and possible penalties or simply your company needs internal procedures in the field of AML, KKS, anti-corruption. Call or write to us as soon as possible

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