How we work?


irst, we will get to know you, the nature of your business and your vision of the future development. This way we will understand your individual needs better–whetheryou are a start-up, needing a comprehensive and clear introduction to all legal issues that await you from the very first step or your business is already running, growing well and you are now looking for an investor or partner or a new legal form that will respond to the growing needs of your business. Or maybe you are a scientist who has developed an innovative technology, wants to commercialize it, but the law and formalities are black magic for you.

How we will support you?


e will analyze or draft contracts with component suppliers, a production plant, a distributor and a marketing agency. We will help to secure your intellectual property rights, so that you can benefit from your idea in the future. We will make sure that you act in accordance with personal data protection provisions, have appropriate regulations, consents and policies in place and do not violate the rights of consumers on the Internet. We will negotiate on your behalf with private equity funds, venture capital or business angels. We will prepare investment and shareholders agreements. We will ensure that everything is consistent with tax law.

If you are an investor, we will carry out a comprehensive legal, tax and patent audit for you, we will prepare and negotiate a letter of intent, we will write a contract for the sale of shares, company or assets.

We can offer mediation to partners who are in a crisis of mutual relations or have divergent ideas for the future.

You do not know, if you are already at the point, where you need a lawyer’s assistance? Contact us and let’s talk about it

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