Consumer bankruptcy


here are situations in life when we fall into debts without our own fault. Debts which become impossible to repay. The reason may be a divorce, accident, sickness, alimony, mortgage in a foreign currency or an unconscious inheritance of an indebted estate.

Currently, the bankruptcy law gives individuals in such situation a second chance, the opportunity to start life “again” without debt through the announcement of consumer bankruptcy.

It is crucial in such a situation, that the application for the declaration of bankruptcy is professionally prepared in order not to lose the second chance. This may happen when the court rejects the bankruptcy petition. Such a situation may close the path to consumer bankruptcy for many years.

That is why, together with our clients, we analyze their financial and life situation accurately, assess the probability of success of a bankruptcy application and help them decide whether to file a bankruptcy petition.

We also support our clients in repealing payment orders. It is now common practice for debt collectors to apply for and obtain payment orders even in the event of expired or disputable claims. If this problem has also affected you, contact us urgently. In such matters, above all, an immediate reaction counts! You have only 14 days to file an objection to the payment order.

The bankruptcy of companies


oes your company have liquidity problems? You do not have the means to pay your debts on a regular basis, and at the same time the main contractors delay with paying invoices? Did you remit VAT and you are not able to settle it because the payments are credited to the split payment account? At the same time you are on the board of directors and you are afraid of your personal liability in the event of insolvency. In such situation only prompt and measured action will allow your film to solve this situation and secure the liability.

How will we support you?

We will analyze the situation with you in detail and identify outstanding issues. We will prepare a plan of action: negotiations with creditors, enforcing overdue payments, redrafting agreements for the future, we will submit relevant applications to the tax office. We also provide support in the restructuring proceedings, and if necessary we may prepare a complete application for bankruptcy together with all the required documentation.

If you are an investor, we will help you prepare and negotiate a pre-pack covering the enterprise or main assets of the bankrupt.

We also represent creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We make sure that their interests are fully secured – we report claims, prepare applications to exclude property from the bankruptcy estate, analyze arrangement proposals, cooperate actively with the trustee.

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